Celebrate March Madness with The Girls from Kitty Cat Now!

When you think of March, what is the first thing that comes into your head? That’s right, March Madness, baby! The girls from Kitty Cat Now Nashville are ripe with anticipation to see which schools have what it takes to make it to the Sweet Sixteen! In fact, if you’re planning to host a party for your favorite team, we’d love to help you kick the tournament off right with some high-quality adult entertainment that is guaranteed to please, even if your team managed to let you down!

We Can Help Keep Your Party Running Smoothly

At Kitty Cat Now Nashville, we know that there is more to hosting an epic March Madness party than just chips and beer – and the basketball, of course. That is why we offer topless and nude waitress services as well as bartenders and card dealers. Nothing is better than asking for a fresh cold one from a beautiful woman who is just as entertaining to look at and converse with as the game you are trying to watch!

Kitty Cat Now Can Keep the Party Going!

Whether your time wins or loses, Kitty Cat Now Nashville offers a multitude of services that can keep the party going long after the final buzzer sounds. From Adult Fantasy Strip Shows that feature anywhere from one or more girls to Erotic Lesbian Toy Shows, that can feature up to four girls pleasuring themselves and each other with a plethora of toys. It is the ultimate voyeur delight!

Shirts Versus Skins for The Win

The best way to keep two teams separated when you do not have uniforms goes all the way back to playground basketball. Shirts versus skins! Well, when the time finally comes for your team to take out one of your best friend’s team, why not show them a little love while also getting that last little sting in. Kitty Cat Now’s Strip-O-Gram is a perfect way to shove it in your friend’s face one last time while also keeping it lighthearted and fun!

Regardless of What You Have in Mind, We Can Help!

Kitty Cat Now Nashville is a highly respected and sought-after adult entertainment provider that prides itself on discretion, respect, and good clean fun. This is actually made us one of the premier adult entertainment providers around. If you are looking for a way to spice up your March Madness party, contact Kitty Cat today! We have several services that can help make your party a raging success.

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