Celebrate Your Grad with a Sensational Graduation Party

After all the years of hard work your graduate is finally ready to turn the tassel and take on the world. As an advocate for academia you know the key note is to throw a graduation party no one will ever forget! Every graduation party is as unique as the recipient it celebrates. But let’s just be honest most graduation parties can be pretty boring until you get down to the nitty gritty of what graduation really means:
A boy becomes a man.
A student becomes a scholar.
You’re growing up.

It’s imperative to have infallible hits to ensure this graduation celebration is positively stimulating. This is where Kitty Cat Now can help you, it’s only natural to have an adult themed party for your grown-up graduate that’ll be majoring in Adulting from here on out. If your party’s requirements include Cheerleaders our robust Kitty Cat’s™ will proudly wear your school’s colors and will make your graduate will feel like the ultimate MVP! Whether you’d prefer the revelry of a sexy Single Fantasy Show or our sultry Kitty Cat’s™ masquerading as the Pom’s Squad to cheer on your alumnus till he’s positively glowing. Whichever option you choose your grad will be sure to love our scintillating graduation party. With Kitty Cat Now Nashville You can stage a stimulating soirée that’s sure to earn high marks for fun!

Kitty Cat Now Nashville: