Create the Ultimate Party by the Pool

There’s nothing better than a pool party to beat the summer heat and have some fun with all your friends in Nashville. Pool parties can be a great respite from the typical backyard BBQs and indoor gatherings. Guests can enjoy the sun, jump in the water, and take part in some fun games. Host a party for a birthday or just because you want to have a good time.

Think About a Theme

Having a theme for your pool party will put everyone into a mood to celebrate. The great thing is that you can be as creative as you want. Call the party a luau or choose a past era for everyone to channel throughout the party. Once you have a theme, you can choose fun decorations to pull things together.

Select Decorations

Depending on the theme and budget, add some decorations around the pool. If this is a party that stays going until the stars are out, make sure there are plenty of lights around. Go with balloons, table decorations, and even pool floats that match the party. Everyone will appreciate the extra effort.

Consider the Menu

BBQ might be the default pool party food, but you can go above and beyond. Consider food stations with different snacks, main dishes, alcoholic drinks, and more. People can easily try a little bit of everything and eat as much as they want. Plus, food will always be close by for the guests.

Include Games and Events

The pool is fun but makes sure people have things to do. Let people know about some pool games or offer some additional activities, like Slip n Slides or volleyball. Think about having some kind of tournament if the guests are on the competitive side.

In addition to games, have some other things going on. Play music, have sexy entertainers available, and add other items that will make your pool party stand out. Make sure everything the guests need is provided, such as towels, sunscreen, bottled water, and even a first aid kit in case of accidents.

Want to ensure your pool party is the talk of your friends for weeks to come? Consider booking Topless waitresses to take things up a notch. Have a great time in the pool, watch gorgeous women put on a show, and socialize with your friends. It’s sure to be an exciting break from the rest of your summer activities. Contact Kitty Cat Now Nashville today to book your exotic entertainers for your steamy pool party!

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