Do You Have a Shy or Reserved Bachelor?

At Kitty Cat Now Nashville we’ve truly seen and done it all. Every conceivable bachelor party and occasion you could imagine. One would think that the excitement would eventually begin to fade but what truly gets us off is catering directly to our patrons. Just as no two people are alike; every party is different yet more precisely no two grooms are alike.

If your groom to be is on the shy or reserved side and has reverently proclaimed he isn’t into having a wild bachelor party. Albeit, as the best man you have a gaggle of guys all keyed up and teeming with the idea for their quintessential bachelor party experience. It’s quite the dilemma that leaves you hard pressed to impress the party yet not embarrass the bachelor. At Kitty Cat Now Nashville we can create the perfect package that will cater to your exact specifications. We have a slew of options like the 2 Girl Fantasy Show or the Single Fantasy Show both choices are just the right amount of sexy fun to make everyone happy. Typically, the bachelor is the guest of honor to be adoringly doted on by our lovely Kitty Cat’s™. Yet in these particular situations where the groom is happier on the sidelines you can choose another member of your party who prefers to be the center of attention. Whether you have a shy or reserved bachelor or a merely a groom to be with an insatiably jealous fiancé Kitty Cat Now Nashville has you covered with a myriad of shows and options to fit your parties exactly specifications. Give us a call or Book Online today to give your Bachelor the time of his life even if it’s best experienced from the sidelines.

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