Do You Have Champagne Dreams On A Beer Budget, Kitty Cat Now Presents Discount Packages!

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Do you have Champagne Dreams on a Beer Budget, Kitty Cat Now Nashville Presents Discount Packages! It is our esteemed pleasure to help you plan a Bachelor Party that is suited to your group’s unique tastes and personality. Whether you’ve planned for an all-out Destination Bachelor Party or prefer to have a simpler celebration at home. Our tantalizing Exotic Dancers will Bring The Party To You! We provide extravagant performances even if you have a modest budget. With Kitty Cat Now you can take pride in the fact you made the right decision and chose the perfect option for your event.

Budget Friendly Delights

With the aid of Kitty Cat Now Nashville we can provide sumptuously Sexy Strippers that won’t break the bank. If you’re having a more intimate gathering there’s no need to oversaturate your party with dozens of Strippers. We would recommend getting either the Single Girl Strip Show or the Single Girl Erotic Show. Both options are moderately priced and will revolve around the true star of the evening, the Groom to be! Even if your Bachelor Party is on the smaller side you can still plan an evening emblazoned with passion and delight. Especially as she performs mesmerizing Lap Dances for you and all your friends! To truly experience the joy of Exotic Dancing one must purchase a few Private Dances. The true testament of any Exotic Dancer’s fervor and magnetism.

The Power Of Your Dollar, Make It Rain

Kitty Cat Now Nashville has a slew of modestly priced options that will empower your Bachelor Party!

The 2 Girl Fantasy show in particular is a great option for those concerned with cost-effective options. Presenting two of our finest Fully Nude Exotic Dancers performing an alluring and riveting show for your viewing pleasure. They execute a series of Erotic Games and Parlor Tricks all by fully doting on your soon-to-be groom at the center of all the Action! At Kitty Cat Now we have a series of options that’ll treat you and your friends like royalty! All you truly need for a great Bachelor Party is good friends, ample space to hold the party and of course the crown jewels of every Bachelor Party; Sexy Strippers From Kitty Cat Now! Any show variation you choose will ensure you have an incredibly fun and memorable evening. If you have champagne dreams on a beer budget give Kitty Cat Now a call or Book Online today!

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