Giving Thanks for a Grown-Up Crowd

Are you looking forward to another day of stuffing your face with turkey and falling asleep on the couch? No, we didn’t think so. Why not turn this year-in, year-out Thanksgiving holiday into something memorable this year? With Kitty Cat Now Nashville , you can put an adult spin on bland and boring day.

This Year’s Holidays Will Be Like No Other

Let’s face it, with everyone being cooped up for so long, everything we do seems to come with the need to blow off a little extra steam. The fact is that adult themed parties and activities are increasing these days. All of those things together are going to make this holiday season a unique one. It may also just make way for changes to the way we celebrate from now on.

Enjoy an Adult Themed Celebration Following Lunch With the Family

It’s not like there isn’t enough time in the day to spend some with everybody. The family can enjoy a traditional meal that day while you and your buddies can have a party like no other. Of course, you can always wait until black Friday to let the fun begin. You will have a 4 day weekend to find the perfect time. And let’s be honest, any day spent partying with gorgeous strippers providing entertainment is the perfect time.

There Is So Much to Be Thankful For

Even with one of the worst years on record, we’re still here and we’re still kicking. Not only that, but we are ready to PARTY! In today’s new normal, why don’t you make this Thanksgiving something to really celebrate?

Don’t just do the same old thing again this year, 2020 is the year where normal goes to die! This year, get together for some good old fashioned adult entertainment and give thanks for hot strippers and cold brews. There is nothing that says a family holiday during the daytime can’t become an adult holiday during the nighttime. Get in touch with Kitty Cat Now Nashville for more info.

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