How to Choose the Best Erotic Party Package

You want to throw the perfect party for you and your guests that will be remembered. Having a party with strippers is the key, but you may not be sure what type of erotic party package you should choose. Before getting into some of the best options from Kitty Cat Now Nashville there are other things to consider.

Consider Your Event and the Guests

To pick the perfect package, think about your event. What is the occasion and when will the party be held? This will often inform a lot about the party including the types of entertainment you might want and need. For example, if you’re going to be having a meal, a topless waitress might be in order.

You also need to consider the guests who will attend the event. If it’s just you and friends you’ve known for a while, then you know what will be appreciated. Most of the time, your pals will be game for just about anything.

You also know some things might be too spicy for some of your buddies. You can talk with them and let them know what you are planning, so they can choose whether to come or not.

Getting More for the Money

Naturally, you want to make sure you get a good deal when you are choosing an erotic party package no matter the occasion. When you choose Kitty Cat Now Nashville, you will have several packages from which to choose. Let’s look at a couple of those now, to make sure you are getting just what you need for a great price.

The Meow Package is a fantastic option that provides four or more hours of true erotic excitement with four girls. It includes one topless waitress, as well as a single erotic show that lasts for 60 minutes and a girl-on-girl show that lasts for between 60 and 90 minutes.

Another choice is the Puma Package. This has a nude waitress rather than just a topless waitress. It has a single erotic show for 60 minutes and a girl-on-girl show with three girls for about 90 minutes. In total, it provides five girls and around four hours of entertainment for you and your guests.

Why are these packages so great? It’s because it comes with not just a waitress, but a show all bundled in the same pack. Check out Kitty Cat Now Nashville for a package perfect for your needs.

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