Kitty Cat Now Nashville Has The Tools To Drill Into Your Heart Strings!

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There are many variations one can choose when planning the perfect pairing for their Nashville Bachelor Party. But here at Kitty Cat Now HQ, we’re of the sound belief there’s one particular show that will absolutely knock your socks right out of your cowboy boots! That my friends are the Phenomenal 2 Girl XXX Extreme Show! A Show designed specifically for bachelor parties in mind.

The 2 Girl XXX Extreme Show Has Been Designed Specifically For Bachelor Parties

Kitty Cat Now offers a slew of Show variations intended to offer you the biggest bang for your Stripper buck. However, the 2 Girl XXX Extreme Show embodies all the bells and whistles one would expect in a Hard-Core Girl on Girl Show but with one heart-pounding difference. A mystifying piece of equipment we affectionately call the Drilldo!

What In The World Is A Drilldo Show?

We know men love their tools! The Drill is the most iconic of tools being able to screw in or out at lightning speed! Now imagine if you stuck another tool, on to the said tool. Well, it’s just fireworks every time! The XXX Extreme Show mystifies and titillates even our most bashful Bachelor. Creating an experience out of your wildest Fantasies that is sure to bring the waterworks!
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