Memorial Day Is Your Day To Memorialize Your Love For Strippers

Memorial Day is your day to memorialize your love for Strippers! At Kitty Cat Now Nashville we’re truly proud to be a homegrown American company that celebrates our brave soldiers that fought for our freedom in this beautiful country! We’re able to throw these epic parties due to our courageous armed forces who fought tirelessly and honored us with the greatest gift of all being a part of the home, the free, and the brave! We honor this most inauspicious day in the greatest way we can, providing our Scintillating Strippers to all our brave service members and frankly anyone who counts themselves lucky enough to be present in this great country!

We’re True Blue For The Red, White, & Blue

Commemorate your time to be a red-blooded American man who fought hard for where he is in his life. A man that wakes up in the morning hungry and proud to take on the day ahead. A true king that knows at the end of a long and tiring day he can have Sexy Strippers at his beck and call. That’s right with ease and very little forethought you can have Intoxicating Exotic Dancers put on a mesmerizing show for you and your friends! There’s truly nothing more satisfying than getting together with the guys, kicking back with a few beers while you watch an enthralling Erotic Show! Our Kitty Cat Nashville Strippers ooze charisma and vitality. Their sole goal is to dote on your every whim.

Celebrate Memorial Day With Alluring Strippers

Set out to make your Memorial Day Party an event you’ll remember forever! Elevate your party to epic proportions, whatever elements you’re aiming for Kitty Cat Nashville will help you achieve them. Any fun variations can be tailored to your exact needs and specifications. Our tantalizing Exotic Dancers will Bring The Party To You in the comfort of your own home or vacation rental. Planning a party in the privacy of your own home allows for so much personality, color, and style to your event! What are you waiting for? Plan a monumental Memorial Day Party today! Give us a call or Book Online today!

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