Missing Vegas or Your Local Casino? Bring In Naughty Dealers and Game Girls

Have you or are you going to miss a planned trip you and some of your buddies scheduled for Vegas? What about Atlantic City? Even missing a day trip to a casino an hour or two away can be a bummer when you’re looking forward to it. Additionally, sometimes it is a real major event that might have been missed during these limited-travel times.

Bachelor parties, milestone birthdays, college or frat reunions, as well as a number of others might all be lost. Which is exactly why you should look to Kitty Cat Now Nashville to bring not only the experience and excitement of gambling, but also to inject it with a supercharged dose of sex appeal and erotic flavor.

Wanna Spice Up Your Next Game or Casino Night?

Even if it’s something as simple as just adding a little fun and excitement to your weekly poker game during an extra stressful period, our beautiful and playful, exotic models will provide an entirely new level of stimulation for the event. Your only concern might be how to get your friends to actually come back the next week.

How About a Topless Blackjack Hostess or All Nude Poker Dealer?

It’s amazing how the moment a sexy poker or blackjack dealer’s top comes off the rest of the table all takes notice. The company of a pretty dealer is always welcome at any poker or casino game. However, the presence of a hot, naked one will turn a card game into an ultimate gaming fantasy.

Don’t Forget the After Party

After all the casino fun and games have completed, then the adult fun and games can begin. Our gorgeous strippers can put on a show for you that includes anything from playfully teasing each other and more erotic behavior, all the way to lesbian shows with toys and more intense fun!

There is no reason the let the uncertainty of travel interfere with your plans for gambling and debauchery. Let the sexy game girls and adult entertainers from Kitty Cat Now come to you and your friends instead. Contact us now to find out more or to book your fantasy Vegas experience.

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