NFL Draft In Music City

For the first time in NFL history, the future of your favorite players starts in Music City.
This year the NFL Draft is in Nashville, Tennessee the home city of the Titans will be hosting the draft for the very first time! Y’all know we are some passionate fans in Tennessee so this quite an honor to be a part of NFL history! In fact local law enforcement have stated the 2019 Draft will be the largest sporting event in the history of our state!

If you’re Not amongst the lucky fans to watch the event in Nissan stadium we would urge to have your own party with in the confines of your home. It’s going to be an absolute madhouse with security check points from the main stage at lower Broadway and the Schermerhorn Symphony Center all the way to 7th Ave North! If you’re appropriately having your own party Kitty Cat Now wants to party with you and cheer on for your favorite players! Wether you’d like voluptuous Topless or Nude waitresses to dole out your favorite drinks and snacks. Or a resounding 2 Girl Erotic Show to celebrate in true Music City fashion! Make NFL history this year with Kitty Cat Now Nashville at your Draft Party!

Kitty Cat Now Nashville: