The Great Debate Nashville Strip Clubs Vs. Kitty Cat Now

There’s a great and lively debate amongst residents and tourists when they come to Nashville. Should you hit up a Strip club or call the illustrious services of Kitty Cat Now? While we only have the greatest respect for our brethren at Nashville Strip Clubs we would like to point out the differences between the services we offer.

What Is A Nashville Strip Club Like?

We have more appropriately titled their establishment as a ‘Strip Zoo’ due to their 3’ Rule. Where you may only look and can not touch! They’re only inclined to perform table dances not Lap dances and Never perform private dances. There’s a multitude of menacing bouncers looking for any excuse to throw you out of the club. Your hands need to remain plastered to the arms of your chair at all times any slight misstep will result in your untimely removal. It’s essentially a huge farce it’s far more of a bother than a fun and whimsical experience. Many leave feeling discouraged which is the last thing you want at your Bachelor Party.

What Sets Kitty Cat Now Apart

What sets Kitty Cat Now apart from the myriad of disappointing Strip Clubs is our attention to detail. We consistently ensure your Bachelor is the center of attention and adoration. He’s right in the thick of the action and the girls are cognizant that this is a special day for the groom to be but of course for all of his friends! The show itself may revolve around the Bachelor but there will be plenty of time for all members of your party to partake in scintillating Lap Dances and Private Dances. Our stunning  Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers sole desire is to entertain and enchant your party with some of the Sexiest Exotic Dancers in Nashville!

Kitty Cat Now Makes You The Star of The Show!

All of our shows involve audience participation where the guest of honor is at the forefront of their attention and affection. The pièce de résistance is of course any variation of our Erotic or Fantasy Shows. An incredibly fun and sexy performance you would never see in a mere strip club! Creating a magnetizing spectacle you can experience mere inches from our Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers’ undulating bodies. For your Bachelor Party forget about all those disappointing strip clubs and plan a celebration you can truly be proud of! A Bachelor Party is a time-honored tradition in a man’s life don’t squander this opportunity for a stellar Bachelor Party with Kitty Cat Now!

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