Turning Warm Summer Days into Hot Summer Nights

Do you smell that? The sweet smell of perfume, sweat, and excitement is in the air. Cold beers and the smells of charcoal and barbecue are filling nostrils from Washington to Florida and everywhere in between. While this is a welcomed change from the damp, bitter winter most of the country encountered, there has to be more to summer life than backyard parties and random festivals, right?

Add An Exciting Twist to Your Upcoming Pool Party

So rather than throwing a “Plain Jane” backyard shindig, why not host a themed pool party. Let everyone dress up as their favorite 60’s or 70’s TV star or turn your backyard into a tropical paradise. You can also hire a couple of topless servers and bartenders to cater to your guests. Kitty Cat Now Nashville has been helping our friends turn warm summer days into sizzling summer nights for years now, and we know a thing or two about a thing or two.

Good Clean Fun

Everyone automatically assumes that just because you hire an exotic dancer that she, or they, have to take their clothes off. The reality is, that doesn’t have to be the case, especially in situations where that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. That doesn’t mean you cannot host a smoking party. Hire a handful of our dances and ask them to dress in 80’s disco club clothing, paint some PVC pipes with silver spray paint, and you have instant cage dancers to push your family-friendly pool party over the top.

Once The Kids Are In Bed

After all the little ones have gone home or crawled into bed, you can crank up the heat even further with one of our adult strip shows. We provide everything from single girl shows to full-blown lesbian fantasy shows with multiple girls with all the props and toys included. Kitty Cat Now Nashville is here to help ensure that your summer nights are always hotter than the miserable dog days of summer. So, if you’re ready to crank up the heat, contact Kitty Cat Now Nashville today!

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