Ultimate Rush Week After Party

Don’t Rush into your Rush Week After Party in Nashville. Plan ahead to ensure your fraternity brothers are celebrated in the manner befitting of your house’s caliber!

Rush week is all about determining who you want your brothers to be. Finding which Fraternity aligns the most with your values and sensibilities. The guys who will welcome you in as a family unit; learning, growing, and experiencing all that Greek Life has to offer together as one house. Ostensibly who you’ll be living and partying with for the next four years. It can seem overwhelming but at the end of it all, you know an epic party awaits you. Stunning Strippers to parade around your new brothers fully doting on them as the very center of their attention and affection.

Kitty Cat Now Takes Care Of All The Details

All the work has been done for you by Kitty Cat Now Nashville we’ve gone through the process to ensure your Rush Party Strippers will be hot! We’ll secure sensationally Sexy Strippers with magnetizing charisma that’ll be able to entertain and awe all of your guests! Typically Rush Week After Parties can get pretty crazy! Often with upwards of fifty guys but our Kitty Cat Now Nashville Strippers™ are dedicated to taking on the madness! Whether you’re playing Beer Pong or a Fraternity ritual Kitty Cat Now is fully equipped with a series of erotic games and parlor tricks to amp up your experience!

Raise Your Heart Rate

If your social calendar has been filled with fundraisers, and meet and greets it’s finally time to spice these parties up with an epic Strip Show! Heart-pounding nonstop action to lift your spirits and intensify the energy. There can be so much pomp and circumstance when entering into Greek Life pay homage to the spectacle with Sexy Strippers! After a strenuous week testing your desires to join your Fraternity Brothers. Following all the hazing and rituals it’s time for the main event, the Ultimate Afterparty with Kitty Cat Now Nashville! Top off your Rush Week with sensational Strippers! Don’t delay Give us a call or Book Online Today!

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